Technical Education and Vocational Training


DLT Group has established a specialized factory under the company name “Bedo Arabia” that is considered the first of its kind in Arab, Islamic and African levels and is an international competitor for the world’s largest factories, which uses the latest technologies to provide innovative solutions in training using advanced devices and equipment to qualify the youth efficiently for the local and international labor market.

Beneficiaries :

  • Faculties of technology
  • Faculties of Engineering
  • Fast training centres
  • Educational and technological communities
  • Technical education schools
  • Vocational training centres
  • Faculties of technical and industrial education


Education and Technical, Engineering and Technological Training 

Education and Technical, engineering, technological and vocational training is considered a basis of human development and an economic and social issue in present time, and tops the priorities and concern of the states and communities. In view of its importance, necessity and direct and indirect effect in people’s life in different fields, it’s become a must to have training and vocational enters and faculties that meet the needs of the states and the requirements of the internal and external market including the professional human cadres pursuant to the followed international standards in such field, which increases the economic growth rates, lowers the unemployment rates and ups the worker’s productive efficiency as well.

The Arab and Islamic world is known for its abundance of human resources especially given the high percentage of young people in comparison with countries around the world, if the youth are transformed from a burden on national resources to a productive force through developing their productive capacities and efficiencies while providing them with skills, experiences and renewed knowledge through education and professional technical, engineering and technological training.


Our Goal: 

Is to be the pioneer company in designing, making and implementing projects and training Arab and Islamic youth and to be within the world’s best companies in efficiency and quality.



As it is known, the countries of Arab and Islamic world suffer of a severe shortage in trained workers, technicians and proficient workers in operation, maintenance and services. For these reasons, the idea of establishing a company specialized in this field under the title “BEDO ARABIA” has emerged.

BEDO ARABIA Company’s message is to work on developing the educational and training environment through using modern technologies to introduce creative solutions that provide students with the 21st century skills and prepare them for the local and international work market.

BEDO ARABIA Company is not just a factory manufacturing devices but our business is expanding to include big, distinguished and different solutions and modern trends in education development field such as Virtual Labs.

BEDO ARABIA, due to the different components it has and in cooperation with the companies subject to the group of education and training companies, has become one of the powerful competitive companies in the market and in present- ing different and effective solutions in the fields of developing systems and technologies of technical and engineering education and vocational training and introducing integrated solutions “Turnkey Solutions” that include supplying labs with furniture.

We haven’t been content with the competition in local market, but we sought towards internationality, which is our goal to introduce the Arabic industry to the world.


Why ? 

To develop technical and engineering education in Arab and Islamic world.

The industrial renaissance of any country is associated with the establishment of a company for manufacturing educational and technical equipment.

The pressing need for finding educational equipment that fit our curriculum and to be supported with Arabic language.

To reach the highest levels and standards of quality adopted by the country. Integrated solution.



  • Over 92 experienced employees.
  • 35 research and development engineers.
  • The headquarters area is 6700 sm.
  • 380 educational, engineering and technological products. 15 agents around the world.



  • Building Strategies
  • Assessment
  • Education and Training Methods
  • Curriculum and Content
  • Training
  • Educational solutions and products
  • Manufacturing Devices