Services (General Education – Higher Education)

The Group in partnership with ISESCO and ALECSO provided integrated solutions for teaching skills in all fields as to ensure the development of general and higher education, recognizing the importance of the integration of information technology and the means of communication in the field of education…. More Details


Services ( Technical Education and Vocational Training )

DLT Group established a specialized factory under the company name “Bedo Arabia” that is considered the first of its kind on Arab, Islamic and African levels and is an international competitor for the world’s largest factories, which uses the latest technologies to provide innovative solutions in training using advanced devices and equipment to qualify the youth efficiently for the local and international labor market… More Details 


Services ( People with Disabilities )

The belief of DLT group in the importance of the active participation of people with disabilities in developing societies, made it provide many applications and technological solutions that help this category in practicing their daily lives and in their integration into society and also focuses on providing job opportunities for them…. More Details