People with Disabilities


It is DLT Group’s firm belief in the importance of the active participation of people with disabilities in developing societies, made it provide many applications and technological solutions that help this category in getting along with their daily lives and in their integration into society and also focuses on providing job opportunities for them.


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Persons with Disabilities 

We believe that the education, training and rehabilitation is an inherent right of any individual in society with its all classes, pursuant to the principle of equal opportunities and education for all including people with special needs as they have the right to get educational, training and rehabilitative opportunities compatible with their special different circumstances.

In the light of what statistics indicate to regarding the numbers of those with special needs particularly the disabled, their percentage in the society is confirmed to be at least 10% of total population and this percentage rises in developing societies to reach nearly 13% or more in some cases.



Distance Learning and Training Company devotes its attention to this category, as such attention is a religious demand according to our true religion, a social demand and a cultural challenge because they are part and parcel of the society as their integrity reflects on the society’s integrity as a whole, and an educational demand as they are our children, so they should be observed and integrated with their surroundings because they are one of the society’s inherent components and we have to raise and educate them very well, and a political demand as it harmonizes with the wise leadership affluence, and an economic demand as they are a significant category that can become productive if properly employed.



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